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Re: Is Sandbox disrespected?

Shawn Stackhouse wrote:
> I haven't been following the threads but I heard someone cutting down 
> Sandbox concerning the ECMAs.  
> I've been enjoying their album, and they definately don't seem 
> controversial, so what are people's problems w/ the band?

        Okay folks, we as Sloan Netters think we are doing a service 
or whatever disscussing the East Coast music scene.  But it seems to 
me that there is a certain elitist quality that has flourished in the 
Murder/Cinnamon community by no fault of anyone (I think).  I have 
noticed over the past months that bands such as Sandbox and Grace 
Babies have been shunned constantly...now I don't know, I think their 
music is cool and I know that not everyone is going to agree...and I 
have no idea where this is leading but...I don't know I scence a 
certain ideology (just finished writing a political studies midterm) 
when people who are really into the scene talk about other bands in 
the scene who are not "in the scene".  I hope somebody underdstands 
what the hell I am talking about.