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Re: ET's last album?

Soulboy writes:

> I was listening to Brave New Waves last night, and they played 
> Lighthouse, from Purple Blue.  After the song ends, Patty Schmidt 
> says that she's not positive, but that she has heard rumours that 
> Purple Blue will be there last album.  I'm not to connected to the 
> inner workings of Eric's Trip, but it seems to me that such news 
> would spread thru the grapevine.  I would at least have heard about 
> it at the Kacho.  So I was kinda doubting, but concerned at the same 
> time, of what Patty was saying.  Does anyone out there have any 
> supplementary information, or definite evidence to the contrary?

well there hasn't been any hard at fast word from the band things are 
offically over but here is some of the evidence that has been building up 
over the past year: first there is the growwing attetion the side 
projects get in terms of time allocated to them.  Within the span of less 
than a year Moonsocket, Broken Girl and Elevator to Hell (which includes 
both Rick and Mark) have all released full lenght albums (well broken 
girl's is out soon).  Mark was quoted in an interview as saying Rick 
wants to spend more time working with his wife Tara (who is also in 
ETH).[understadable] He was also quoted in the same interview as thinking 
the band would be lucky to last another year and a half to record the last 
album on their deal with Sub Pop. Julie doesn't want to spend a long time 
going out on tour due to hear young son. [understable].  ETH is suppose 
to release new material (I have heard that is is an EP or an LP depending 
how is telling you).  ETH is suppose to tour this year too.  Lastly Joyce 
from Sub Pop acknowledged in e-mail the band was going to tour as far west 
as mid-west (you figure out what that is suppose to mean) in May and then 
break up.  

Lastly there is the speculation of the break-up from the fact they have 
missed playing a few shows in Halifax/Mocton, coupled with the fact they 
were suppose to start a major tour early this year.  Of course these two 
are really sketchy whihc is why they are seperated from the rest.  

Yes it is sad but it appears to be unavoidable.

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