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ET's last album?

I was listening to Brave New Waves last night, and they played 
Lighthouse, from Purple Blue.  After the song ends, Patty Schmidt 
says that she's not positive, but that she has heard rumours that 
Purple Blue will be there last album.  I'm not to connected to the 
inner workings of Eric's Trip, but it seems to me that such news 
would spread thru the grapevine.  I would at least have heard about 
it at the Kacho.  So I was kinda doubting, but concerned at the same 
time, of what Patty was saying.  Does anyone out there have any 
supplementary information, or definite evidence to the contrary?
"Fingers burn clean inside-out from the marrow to the skin
An explosion of sin.
Fire cleans
And leaves a different kind of mess.
Intangible. Like life."

- Soulboy

"Naked we come 
And bruised we go.
Nude pastry
For the slow, soft worms below."

- Jim "asshole" Morrison