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cecil charoskull

I was in Montreal this passed week and who should be performing at the 
cafe campus but our very own cecil seaskull.  The show was a benefit for 
a theatre group and the theme was the Love Boat.  

The two performances 
that stuck for me were Swing Dynamique(sp?), an acoustic jazz trio, very 
good, they even do django rheinhardt covers, impressive. 

then cecil seaskull did a short set, or maybe it seemed short compared to 
the previous blues set, or maybe it seemed short because it was 
thoroughly enjoyable.  being the numbskull that i am, i can't remember 
all the songs in the set, here are some in order of recollection: 
song 7(woo!), perhaps(woo!), roberts and davies(woo! sp?), ... those are all 
the titles i can remember.  

In keeping with the style conscious 
sloan-netters, i'll review her outfit, tres Love Boat.  This winter, 
the discerning indie rocker will be looking at form fitting strapless 
dresses, beige, with a floppy blue feather boaesque trim around the 
top and bottom.  Fish net stockings are a must, with a background leg 
covering of yellow, or orange.  When things get cooler, a nice faux 
fur(preferrably white, but use your own discretion) that reaches mid 
torso.  Don't forget the shoes, basic black with not much heel, offsets the 
bold colour statements made by the afforementioned attire and makes the 
ensemble complete.  Charo wishes she had this fashion sense.  

Jaques de Cooper

ps. i missed a starbean performance, this is a side project of jon who is 
in Pest5000.  He apparently has a tape out, i can't imagine it being 
anything other than great.   I have his phone number, 
but not his address, i've lost that.  I'd rather not phone to find out the 
address, so if someone could post it(cecil or some onlooking Pest1000), 
that would be so very nice.