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Re: Sloan(Best alternative

> >        Also is Twice Removed an alternative album anyway?

Heck, what does "alternative" mean these days anyways when most of 
yer big cities have 1 or 2 "commerical alternative" stations? (In 
Cleveland we have 2 of them, and folks on the west side of town also 
get 89X out of windosr) What sort of an alternative is it when about 
a third of the top-selling discs are "alternative" discs? 
"Alternative" to what, I ask you?

It's sort of a moot category these days. Probably has been for a 
long time. "Modern Rock" mighty be a better term, except that an 
awful lot of it is retro.

I dunno if "Twice Removed" is "alternative" or not, but it's a 
fucking wonderful record. Pardon my swearing.


Almost Sloan Content:

Do murderrecords get any distribution in the U.S.? My friendly local 
record dealer has been trying to get me a copy of "Mock Up, Scale 
Down" for several months now to no avail. And the other local indie 
store I checked with were clueless. I know I can mail-order them, 
but it's nice to get them at a store.