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more or less?

hi. this may have been asked a long time ago (ie before i was on sloan net),
but wasn't there a jale song called "more or less" ?  i have it on a tape i
taped off the radio or somthing, but i haven't seen it released on anything.  

oh ya the inbreds single on murder is going to be a cd, not a 7" (maybe im the
only one that did not know that). i think its supposed to be out in

ok, well bye

***yvonne :)

ps/  i love the tshirt dress that one of the plumtree gals is wearing in the
exclaim issue.

 oh ya, someone asked about a nerdy girl single on mint. i was wondering about
that too, becos i read about it somewhere. its supposed to be called "uriah
the <something i dont remember>" well anyway theres going to be one called
"dime store hussy" on nolife on mar. 4th, and a cd out in the summer i


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