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Brendan Ryan wrote:
> >         ps...I think it was really nice that Chris dedicated sloan's 
> > award to Frank...
> I wonder if he is referring to Franks magazine? (the neo-political tabloid 
> trashy rag) I don't think anyone will ever forget the article on Sloan 
> they did a few years back, heheh, Chris is a good sport if that's the case..
> Bren'nor.
    Well that's nice, but he was dedicating it to his grandfather who 
passed away in december Frank Lapin.  Nice man from what I have heard 
of him, my mom and dad went to his funeral.  Anyway, I still think 
that was pretty cool that he didn't like dedicate this to "all the 
people that helped us make our record and shit".
        Matt sucking down a bottle of nyQuil...