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The t-shirts are half done in Jon's basement. As soon as possible 
-- which might mean before the next century...:( -- they will be sent 
to you.  Even though jon loses money on this. 

If you knew how much this whole thing makes me uncomfortable...
please... no actualy, not please. you are right... you have every right to be 

but remember that Jon loses more money on this venture than 10$.
Maybe you feel like you've been riped off. Have faith you will one 
day receive a t-shirt for your money. Jon will never get back the money 
that was stolen. he had to pay the whole thing with his own money.

I am sorry. 
no one gets the props. everyone gets the butthoax.

For the ones who sent 15$. your money is safe and well guarded. 
Don't worry.

For the ones who want your money back... 
i don't know... i am thinking of something. there is always a