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photo magic

here's somethin' new to talk about...
recently, my eyes feasted upon the back of the smeared cd (i don't know
where it would be on the tape but) i noticed something about andrew's
sitting on the grungy bathtub picture.
(warning:this might be old and obvious to some people)
i'm not sure of this but,i noticed that he's not actually sitting on the tub,
it appears as though he is, but (i think) he's actually just hunched over
the front of the tub (perhaps 5-6 feet) to give that illusion. i might be
wrong, but take a look for yerselves and see what i'm sayin'.  maybe it's a
grungy *sink* and jay just grew a lot since then (cuz he's pictured in the
tub) or maybe andrew shrank. allzi know is that the size difference just
doesn't add up.   check it out, you'll see i'm right.... 


"plumtree rock'n roll"
-some loser's school binder