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I faint, U faint, we all faint 4 Plumtree

This Thursday at Café Olé, Plumtree is unveiling their new CD Mass Teen
Fainting in a release show with New Brunswick & Licorce Fix.  Be There!!
That's Café Olé, not Birdland.


ps. Big Up (whatever that meant in its day) to Melissa Boute, Matt
Hennessey and everyone at CIMN for the success of the No Cases!  Organizing
20-25 bands in three nights with only a slight fraction of the ECMA budget.
Everyone had a wicked time (well, maybe not Gerry from Cleveland Steamer
who almost got beat up by 4 drunk rednecks on the ferry ride over because
he had blue hair). Great job you two!  Moncton has a tough act to follow
next year!  If anyone needs something organized, call these two.