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contents of volume I - les amis du sloan


i got overwhelmed by requests inquiring about volume I and what's on it, 
so here you all go. :) for starters, there's lotsa nardwuar and sloan 
bits throughout the tape, plus the infamous louis barlow bit somewhere 
in the middle of this one...

"deeper than beauty" - anti catano expectorant (can one of you jokers 
please email me?) originally from urbana, illinois

"median strip" - gaze from vancouver

"loosens" - steaming toolie from fredricton

"lemonzinger" - fouret string quartet (a REAL string quartet) from toronto

"people of the sky" - jim "best f'n chips" cooper from hallyfuks :)

"i hate my generation" - tom sessler from syracuse, new york

"raspberry" - hitchiked from ottawa, yes tara dc's band

"take it in" - the uhauls from hallyfuks :)

"what's there to decide" - sloanburst (one of the tonebursts with chris 
murphy sort of...) from vancouver

"snowsuit sound" [chris murphy demo, short version] 

"underwhelmed" - paulotia from vancouver

"torn" - stunt babies from san francisco

"guidance counsellor" [not a sloan song per se, but one that chris does] 
- stereomolehill from cole harbor nova scotia

"ragdoll" - the pope joan from richmond virginia

"snowsuit sound" - chickpea from ottawa

matt murphy doesn't know it, but he's on this, too. it's a game, see if 
you can find him.

anyway, for *volume II* so far there is: "pillow fight" by curmudgeon 
(featuring our very own listmanagerboy!!), "bells on" by cecil (nerdy 
girl's cecil) n' eric (i think they go by erroll fling...), "shame shame" 
by tigertail, "sugartune" by aquakid, "500 up" by yellow label, a special 
track from b'ehl, "bells on" by delirium's red dress, "torn" by soft 
blanket, "i am the cancer" by fire engine red, "lucky for me" 
by....um....someone really cool that i won't post about until i actually 
hear it, *maybe* "laying blame" from moonsocket if chris answers my 
letter, and um...a few other things.... :)

ok. make sure you order your copy now. as it stands, i think i'm making 
100 copies of the first volume and hopefully we'll get more orders for 
volume II so we can make 100 copies of that, too, otherwise we'll just do 

thanks and bye,

"It's a really hopeless feeling sometimes when you want to go home. You're 
even further away, you're not even getting closer to home. You're travelling 
further, and the further you travel the further you have to come back."
                                                         - Rick White