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Bad news, everybody!

I was talking to Jon Dacey yesterday, the guy who's making the 
Sloannet tees.  He had the shirts in a bag in his car and they got 
stolen.  He'd tell you himself but his account is down.  So it looks 
like we're out of luck.

Good news, though.  I have a very limited supply of shirts 
available, imprinted with the message:

Never trust a band that can play for four or five years and not die.

I have them in Sloan, Eric's Trip, and Hardship Post versions.  Send 
$10 to:

Box 25 Cameron House
Howe Hall
Dalhousie University
Halifax, NS B3H 3H5

Make cheques payable to Andrew Rodenhiser.  US orders in US funds.
Specify your size and fave band (or I can even put all 3 names on).


P.S. This is a JOKE!  Don't send money, I have no shirts.  I have 
never met Jon Dacey.  If you don't know about the Howe Hall 
T-shirts, read a University newspaper, I'm sure the story has gone 
national by now.  And before anyone bites my head off, I was 
appalled that the idiots could think of printing them.
Happy Valentine's Day!