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ECMA review

ECMAs were not quiet what I expected, and have changed and grow 
considerably since the last time I attended the thang in 'fax three years 

On the positive side, the actual industry stuff, the seminars, showcases, 
and schoooooooooooozing all go on from Thursday thru to Saturday... then 
the rap up, award show and schmooozing on Sunday.  What was good was that 
the Canadian pop/rock/alterative types still showed up, this being year 4 
P.S. (post sloan) and they actually had a good time and had bands to see...

THe No Cases were good, all things considered... the PA was inadequate for 
the size of the room, but apparently ALL the PA stuff on the Island was 
engaged at the actual ECMA's and other showcases...

Hot tickets, from my point of view, had to be the Monoxides and the 
virtually all New Brunswick show at the No Case on Friday, the All Ages 
with Humfat, Witchdoctor and Flexman, and the Grace Babies at the 
MacKenzie theatre on Saturday, the Dave Carmichael Band, followed by 
Strawberry followed by the Nova Scotia Mass Choir on Saturday night... 
and unfortunately, the Cool Blue Halo and Superfriendz closing out the No 
Cases at the Barn at EXACTLY the same time as Strawberry and NS Mass 
Choir played...

Apparently, the nice folks of PEI, who I realised after the all ages with 
flexman have, like, virtually no rhythm at all, were out dancing up a 
storm to the mass choir...  the Ballroom at the CP hotel (the main venue 
for ECMAs) was packed to the rafters, its bigger then the McInnis room at 
dal, I'd guess 1200 people standing room...  the nice folks of PEI were 
*dancing celtic jigs* to the choir... jeeze...

The CBH/friendz show had like practically every Canadian rep for 
alt/pop/rock in rapt attendence...  lots o A&R and some publishing...

I have to say that the industry conference side was actually worthwhile 
for me this year, despite what I said in my last anti-ecma rant... 
however, Colin MacKenzie was point out how stupid it was that all the 
reps in the frigging world were at the poor sounding echoy barn watching 
two of the hottest properties on the island this weekend, begging the 

Other crappy things included the $10.00 per head ticket price for the all 
ages shows at the MacKenzie, leading me to point out to the theatre 
manager that half the price would have had 3 times the crowd (the 
MacKenzie was lucky to see 50-100 actual kids at any time) and thus more 
money in total would have been made to cover the cost of the space (union 
wages for the mandatory 12 staff at $12 an hour means you need to fill 
the place with like 600 people to cover ALL the costs).

I also went and saw the Booming Airplanes show at the Arts Guild on 
Saturday, and have to say that while they are great musicians, and Ruth 
has a great voice, they do nothing for me at all...

The Sunday all ages at Myron's was baked, really lame, it cost $10 to get 
in and the sound was really bad... the Madhat show was not too good, all 
you could hear was drums, and the boys were a little hung over... though 
the biggest drag was they had to go on stage and play while there were 
still more kids in line outside then in the club... Kudzus set was a bit 
better...  Thee Suddens got the kids moving, tho they do nothing for me 
at all either...  at that point I had to leave and try and fix my cars 
windshield wipers for the drive home... :)  Tho I saw the end of the NEW 
hardship post set, and I have to wonder, are all there songs slow songs?  
I want my sugarcane coming to me... baby...


Chris Murphy is sitting in the bar of the CP hotel at a table in intense 
conversation with Gene, A&R for BMG...  I've got my back to them and am 
talking with Greg Guy and Tim Arsenault about the days seminars... and 
they start laughing and trying not to loose it... I slowly turn around 
and see that TRACY HOOPER has installed her self at teh table like she 
somehow belonged there... Tracy is the CRAZY woman who ran HOOPERTOWN 
records and Symantics Management and tried to turn the Deuce into a prog 
rock capital after Greg and Jackie left.. she is one of the fine folks 
who brought us "Dorian, the Rock Opera".  Greg was astounded that she had 
the guts, and that Chris didn't out and out tell her to go away, she 
dangerously insane and everyone avoids her at all costs... we didn't see 
how Chris resolved it because we all got up and ran away incase she saw 
us and came over to talk to us instead... :)

All in all, a fun weekend, thought the awards show sound really bit, and 
need to work on the overall execution of the show, it still seems pretty 
bushleague when you watch it on TV...


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