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Re: help!, turntable problem

> No, the problem is that your balance is off.  Adjust the arm balance, or the 
> counterweight on the end of it.

hey, speaking of arm balance, here's a neat trick for y'all. place 
something approximately the size of a wide roll of masking tape (a roll of 
masking tape will do :^) ) on the center of your turn table. place a 12" 
record on top of it, centered, with the side you want to listen to 
face-DOWN. then, unscrew the needle on the end of the arm and screw it 
back on backwards (so it is pointing UP instead of DOWN). adjust the 
weight on the balance arm so that it is heavier at the base, pushing the 
end of the needle upward. place the needle on one of the tracks on the 
underside of the record and start the turntable. you can now listen to 
records backwards at perfect speed for as long as you want to. we 
actually do this sort of thing over the air at the radio station where i 
dj ... hee hee. (apologies to any one who figured this out a zillion 
years ago and considers it obvious)

:^) jeanie