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No Cases...done at last

Hey, Matt already reviewed the no cases but here's my 2 cents...sure 
i'm bias and everything but i thought it went pretty good.  Well, 
appearance wise anyways....the kids loved it and even though there 
was a rule about not letting kids under 17 in, trust me, there were 
quite a few that were in there....it was great though...

not too many people went thursday but all the bands were great.  
especially fermeller....they rawked (and their tape was only $1!!!)

friday was great crowd wise....the line up got kind of screwed up 
when the dumbass island band was like over an hour late (oh, the 
irony--all the other bands drive for 6+ hours and they live downtown 
but they pull the rock star shit and show up late....how lame) and 
screwed everything up....once again all the kids that were watching 
it loved it but it was really a bad experience for those of us behind 
the scenes....

saturday was perfection....so much had gone wrong in the other 2 days 
that the only thing that could have gone wrong differently was if a 
bunch of rednecks came to the barn and trashed the place...but it was 
great....everyone totally loved the bands....cool blue halo had a 
wicked set...

all in all, i enjoyed the weekend...it was cool


ps/ Sanisoft rawks =)

pps/ i heard that the super friendz sounded really bad on television--
    it was really great live....i hope Matt didn't hurt himself 
    jumping off of the drum kit =)