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no cases?

        Hello y'all, it is I, writing a review of the no cases which 
I believe has not been done yet.  And with over twenty bands to write 
about who could blame anyone from wanting to skip this long and semi 
important topic.  Anyhoo, I will just write about the bands I enjoyed 
(which were many) and the people I saw.  

        Every single band rawked ass that night.  It all started with 
FERMELLER from Riverview, N.B. who put on a wicked show.  Their hard 
driving music was made impossibly catchy when they insert (some would 
say stupid) little riffs which makes you smile and bash your 
neighbour at the same time.  They were a great opener and great guys. 
They deserve a really great mention.
        Coming up second was Sydney's EMILY 3 who replaced Mastadon 
ridge at the last minute.  They were pretty cool and pretty loud, so 
the kids liked them.
        Another Sydney band by the name of LAMER proved that they are 
not what their name says they are.  This trio really sounded great 
and and they converted a lot of new fans with their music.  I enjoyed 
listening to them and hanging around them too.
        My band CHASE was next...uhh...Mellisa or Karen could comment 
on us...I thought we did well though.
        The TRAITS from Moncton had the biggest mosh pit of the night 
as their power punk style energized the audience of less than one 
hundred people...there would have been more if the FUCKING SHOW HAD 
       Sorry about that.  COYOTE came up after them and played a 
great set...this is the first time I saw them and it was spectacular. 
The sound system sucked but they went on rawking anyway...I love this 
band...I wish their CD wasn't 9 dollars though Waye.--editor's note.
        Last but not least was REBBECA WEST who played great as usual 
even though the vocals were slightly muffled.  They keep on getting 
better and better each time I see them...it was really cool, and I 
love the way Dale drums...MERGE LIVES!!!
FRIDAY, FEB 9th        

        Friday really sucked for almost every band there...the 
fucking bands FULL CIRCLE and RANDOM DOLMENS, both of cover band 
nature each showed up late so our 9 band roster was put on hold for 
an hour...by the way both these bands suck really hard so I won't 
bother to comment.
        Thanx to FERMELLER the crowd didn't lynch us...they played 
again even though they were not supposed to just because evertything 
was so fucked up...these guys really kick ass!!!.
        SANISOFT palyed an amazing set (even if they don't agree with 
that)...yes the sound system did suck but you could still groove to 
their great music.  They have actually become a CIMN favourite and 
they certainly won over some new fans over here...the addition of 
a bass player gives them a really well rounded power trio feel...HOW 
        SUPERVILLAIN came all the way from Moncton to join our party 
and they really sounded great.  They kicked the crowd in the pants 
and orchestrated the destruction of the barrier between the audience 
and the stage...these guys are a really loud SOnic youth...very cool.
        CLEVELAND STEAMER were too loud and so I escaped to the 
friendly confines of the "sound proof booth"...right...
        PLUMTREE looked a little uncomfortable onstage and didn't 
have a great show.  Their new bass player looked really 
nervous...still their songs were great so the music made up for it.  
I still can't wait for their new CD, the radio station here got an 
advance tape and it sounds really good...lets hear it in digital 
compact disc form now.
        STRAWBERRY played three songs because of the time 
limit...another fuck up...oh well, they played great stuff while it 
lasted including a great song with SIX TOO rapping for them...oh man 
it was a sight.  
        The MONOXIDES headlined and basically destroyed the 
stage...Ken apologized to us at the end on behalf of his drunk 
bandmates.  The crowd loved it especially when our soundman Sean 
(thank you so much for helping us this weekend) pulled the plug on 
the PA system when they went overtime...they still kept on playing 
for another ten minutes...out of sight!

        Everything went smoothly, AL TUCK and PAPER SOUL couldn't 
play though so there was time to spare.  
        VERTIGO opened, they were okay but they kinda clashed with 
the rest of the music of the night.  Still, I dig their personel 
style as they are early to bed and early to rise.
        From Sydney, BARBIE'S REVENGE fried the monitors to hell, 
they were so crazy...mixing hip hop and and punk a la rage aboinst 
the machine...they kicked ass and the drummer almost blew the whole 
bass drum to hell...good luck in the future guys.
        POTATOEBUG played great...they were probably the heaviest 
band the whole weekend as the drop D can attest...I love the fact 
that they all sing (even the drummer) and they represented 
Newfoundland really well...I will be looking out for these guys as I 
think that things will happen for gthem, soon.  THeir showcase was 
cool too.
        SIX TOO (thanx for the sound system man) gave true hip hop 
lovers exactly what they needed.  His prerecorded music of sampled 
jazz shit really went well with his amazing lyrical ability.  By the 
way as MERCH BOY for the night helping out Karen MERCH GRRRLLL, SIX 
TOO sold the most cassettes...yes PEI does like hip hop.
        SUPERCAR just rawked the joint next as the BARN really filled 
up.  Seb Lippa, Chris Murphy, Al Tuck, Allison MacLEod, a dude from 
Sandbox, and countless others were in attendance.  SUPERCAR did not 
dissapoint...these guys are awesome and will be coming to your cd 
player soon I assure you.
        COOL BLUE HALO sounded great.  I couldn't see them cuz of the 
people that packed in to wathc them....SWEETIE SAID is a great 
song...doh...I have to go to class...okay they really were great I 
love them/
        ANd then to end it all off teh SUPERFRIENDZ...what else do I 
have to say but WOW...they are unbeleibvalble.  I hope they come back 
soon.  AN interesteoing version of 10 pounds was palyed and the crowd 
was bouncing off the wall.
        Well that is it folks...so see ya later.