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ckdu fundraiser review.

hey, just to add some more details to brendan's
review of the show, which was at birdland in
halifax last saturday night...

ROME PLOWS are like jehu+tar+jesuslizard+sabbath.
not that there isn't already a lot of crossover
between those bands.  *amazing* drumming.  great
guitar, and (hey soundman) it would have been
nice to hear more bass.  in case you haven't
got the point yet, they *really* *really* rock.
i guess the lead singer/guitarist used to be
in bliss (montreal band, full-lengther recorded
w steve albini, split 7" w trenchmouth on 
derivative).  these guys are going to bring a
whole new dimension to halifax music.  now what
i want to see is a plows/sanisoft/chinstraps gig.
yes sir.

STINKIN RICH is doing 30 hrs of recording with
steve shelley of sonic youth this weekend.  this
gig was a chance for him to try out the new stuff
live.  he didn't really do a full-fledged stinkin
rich gig -- he came out in a t-shirt that said
"buck 65" on it (his DJ alter ego) and announced
that he had killed stinkin rich ("we're better 
off without him").  he just sat there behind
his turntables and did the songs, and promised
that he'd do a real gig next time (i.e. with
the usual gimmicks, props, dancing around, etc).

CRAPPO 2 rocked harder than i've ever seen them.
supporting laura borealis were matt kelly (guitar),
ian hermit (bass), and rob hermit (drums).  
rebecca K did three of her songs at the beginning
and then left the stage, laura sang the rest.
they seem to be getting used to playing together.
watching rebecca's songs is kind of weird --
the combination of the beat, the wardrobe, the
hairstyles, and the red light on the back curtains
makes for a very _twin peaks_ feel.  those who
were there know what i mean.

STATE CHAMPS did a very sloan-like arrangement
of "stadium fore" (the ba-ba-ba-ba song), i thought.
they also complete rocked on "set up in frats"
(nice drum fill at the beginning, catano) but 
people didn't really get dancing until late in
the set for "so. hadley accents", at which point
the dance floor filled quickly.  oh, i didn't
mention the opening number, which featured a
half-complement of champs:  mark sat behind the
drum kit and andy played guitar, and they sang
a new song together.  when the song was almost
over catano came out and they did that transition
thing where they were each using a drum stick
at one point.  then jon and mark strapped on
their guitars and they rocked out.  it was funny
to watch the encore -- they did "happy spirits"
by the motes; i was standing behind J from the
motes and he and dan (who plays bass in the
motes' live configuration) looked at each other
and laughed (in a pleased way) when the champs
yelled out "GO!" which J does on the original
recording.  anyways, they've never sounded better
and i think they're going to give the hermit
kidz a run for their rock and roll money, and
maybe out-finesse them while they're at it! :-)

james, completely objective observer.  ;-)

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