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Potatobug-I know I never shut up!

Just wondering if any of you folks out there got to catch Potatobug this 
past weekend.  What did you think?  Did they suck?  Were they silly?  
(email me personally so we don't clutter the list and have big scary 
monsters flaming us left, right and centre...;) just kidding)  They were 
pretty nervous about going to Charlottetown, so I'm wondering how they 
were received, if they ate well...

On another note, I saw the Lizband and sHeavy at Junctions this weekend 
and, despite the fact that you had to pay for water and there was like 
no AIR in the building, it was a really good show.  Mike Clark is such an 
amazing little drummer boy and he sings backup now too.  The talent in 
that Clark family...I heard that Marcel played half a set with the 
Lizband Friday night, and I'm sorry I missed that (did you do any 
Neervana tunes???) but hey, when are Six Day War playing next?

None of this probably has much relevance to anyone else on the list, 
except anyone in NF (and even that's pushing it), but who cares.