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a target of pop culture?? ;)

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From: Nishitoba, Carol
To:  '8 ball or the cue?'
Subject:  a target of pop culture??  ;)
Date: 1996-02-12 08:47
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hey folks!

anyone listen to _realtime_ sat night?  i lovelovelove the plumtree tracks 
:)  "tropical" and the other song, which they didn't say the title ("she 
doesn't sleep in her room/cuz she's scared she'll wake up dead/she didn't 
let her feet/hang over the side of the bed/she closed her eyes tight/so she 
wouldn't see the things in the dark/sometimes she wonders if she'll have a 
heart attack, a heart attack/the girl in black with a hundred stars stuck to 
her name and a perfect score/she's a big girl now/no she's not.." etc.). 
 _mass teen fainting_ should be kewl :)

hey, no wonder sloan won -- afterall, they played a bit of "underwhelmed" on 
the cbc (radio) 6 o'clock news!  teehee :)

anyway, _in the meantime..._ #3 (my l'il zine) is ready for distribution, 
featuring interviews with Eric's Trip, Al Tuck, the Local Rabbits (well, 
part of the int.), and some other group i know you *could care less* about 
(get it cathy? teehee).  the weird thing is, sloan is mentioned in one way 
or another in each interview.  there's also reviews, a puzzle page, phone 
phobia, etc. etc. all for the low low price of $2 ppd (or a trade).  send 
     in the meantime...
     c/o carol n.
     109 Flora St. #2
     Ottawa, ON
     K2P 1A7

iss #2 is still available, wth jale, super friendz, cub, and broken girl 
interviews, a pop explosion diary, criss smurfi stories 3&4, etc.  sloan is 
gracing the cover, featuring the most unflattering pic of chris murphy. 
 heh..  ($2ppd/trade).

e-mail me if you have any q's! -->  nishitc\!/tc.gc.ca

thanks for yer attention :)

i HATE valentine's day

          ..sizzle teen, the anti-cupid

p.s.  for those of you still reading this:  the songs covered by the inbreds 
for the sappy single are "down in flames" (my ultimate fave sfz song), and 
"feeling around"

p.p.s.  helllooooooo.. cathy, are you out there?  are you still alive!?!?!?! 
 speak to meeee!!!!!!  *sniff*