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cool blue sloan stuff...

>    I here that sloan wears jeans and t-shirts on stage can anybody 
>help me out here?

i hear they put on makeup, handcuff themselves.. and then shave each other's
back/butt hair on stage...OH wait.. that's most ottawa bands... sorry.

ok... do Cool Blue Halo tour or even have anything out that i can buy?
where can i find that Sweetie Said song....? it's driving me crazy.. i
cant get the video outta my head.. :)
also... can anyone (murder) tell me if Broken Girl is playing with
Plumtree in Ottawa and Cornwall.... 
and one other thing..... this is pushing it tho.... does anyone know if
the superfriendz plan to attend the junos? aren't they up for best
alternative band or something.... i'd just be curious to see what they
would do if they won... which they should..:)


clever lines by some cool band. probably superchunk... yeah