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Re: the new hardship post +

On Fri, 9 Feb 1996, James R. Covey wrote:

> i really liked the song, 2nd-last,
> that had all the "doo-doo-doo"s in
> it, where all three sang.  you know
> what, there was this song, maybe
> it was the same one, where the 
> drum pattern was very remniscent
> of "five years" off _ziggy stardust_.

i noticed that too! wouldn't have surprised me if they'd covered it 
either.....at least after hearing mike do a cool version of wings' "venus 
and mars" last time. i don't think it was "the doctor" (the song with the 
doo doo doo's) that had the ziggy beat.....actually i'm almost positive. 
i really liked what they were doing too, for the most part. i guess it's 
just like seeing a new band completely, and it takes getting used to. i 
only recognized, i think, 4....maybe 5 songs. i like seeing all 3 members 
singing too. i like mike's songs a lot, i think alyson's got a great 
voice, and sebastian's still writing some catchy stuff as well!
cheers! shant:)