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I have only 25 years and I am crazy of you

        random notes on the music from the homeland
1) Twice Removed is an album that I will be listening to forever.  I am in
the reappreciation phase now.  After 14 months of dormancy 2X is on bi-daily
Worried Now and Snowsuit Sound being the faves this time around.

2) As long as Sandbox doesn't win any ECMAs then I consider the event a success

3) why oh why didn't Deidre (of Strawberry) phone Real Time last night?? oh
just to hear the sound of her voice ... (fuckin Valetine's day)

4) Any of you have info on the South X Southwest festival in Austin TX, in
March?? I hear Jale (and marc "he's famous" brown) maybe attending.

5) Reliable sources tell me Naurduar is a hermaphadite(sp?)  (sorry james,
please put that gun away, it is probably unregistered anyway, so you'd be up
for murder and a fine for not listening to Alan Rock)

Vancouver has become a mucical wasteland for the month of February, as Mr.
Stompin Tom Connors said "oh how I miss the green green grass of home"

Peace People,
        Colonel Forbin


unless you get up very near that precipice
where you're likely to make a fool of yourself
you're not showing much of how you feel  -  Capt. Flag