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Re: derivative

From:          "Cory J. Boehm" <umboehm4\!/cc.UManitoba.CA>
Subject:       Re: derivative
To:            EAM6649\!/bosoleil.ci.umoncton.ca (Soulboy)
Date:          Sun, 11 Feb 1996 19:58:01 -0600 (CST)

Soulboy writes:

> the kit.  The final act was Orange Glass, which I only recently 
> started getting into.  I really liked their show.  I found that they 
> had a really good sense of dynamics, bringing the intensity down, 
> then up again at good moments.  The only song I remember distinctly 
> was Fate (see you dancing at the Kacho, won't be long now before you 
> know). So everyone was a Sappy artist except supervillain.

I could *SWEAR* that line is "see you dancing at the show, won't be long 
now before you know"   what is the kacho anyways ;)

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- OK, this is essential Moncton knowledge.  The Kacho (actually Le 
Kacho) is the main student club on Universite de Moncton campus.  
It's known for playing music of the "alternative" variety (as opposed 
to the thump-thump dance music you will hear most everywhere else.  
It's a really popular spot for the "alternative" crowd on Friday and 
Saturday night.  Friday night, there's a bigger crowd, but the music 
is a little freakier on Sat. I guess that's what the Kacho was like a 
couple of years ago. Apparently it is much more mainstream now.  I'm 
new to Moncton, so I wouldn't know. But even on Friday you'l l hear stuff 
you probably won't hear anywhere else in Moncton.  And Ron Bates is 
often at the Kacho.  Hence, that line, which is quoted like that 
everywhere I've seen, and it seems to me that Ron told me that's what 
it was.  So there you go.
"Fingers burn clean inside-out from the marrow to the skin
An explosion of sin.
Fire cleans
And leaves a different kind of mess.
Intangible. Like life."

- Soulboy

"Naked we come 
And bruised we go.
Nude pastry
For the slow, soft worms below."

- Jim "asshole" Morrison