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Last nights show...

Last night there was a show at the Birdland and let me tell you, it was 2 
goo 2 "B" real.. opening up were:
The Rome Plows, in a similar veign as the band they borrow their name 
from (Drive Like Jehu).. they hit the stage with little banter, no crap, 
just a guitar assult that few could match. A true force to be reckoned 
with indeed.. who's to say where they will be in a years time??.. enjoy 
them now while they'll still play here for us.

Next at bat, stinkin rich, doing a very laid back set that he performed 
most of sitting down at a table with his turntable and a tape deck.. what 
can you say about stinkin rich that hasn't already been heard? He's going 
to PEI next weekend to record some new tracks (which he performed last 

Crappo2, how can you _not_ love a star studded band like that?

State Champs.. performing all the hits, these badboys are the  
headliners of the whole show. It was really funny to see the barflys 
peddeling their taudry wears on the Birdland dancefloor to the sounds of 
the Champs. After playing their set, the people hadn't had enough of the 
action so they screamed, hooted and hollared until the beer soaked boys 
of the State Champs picked up their axes and came back out and finished 
what they had started, a good set. 

All in all it was a good night, the proceeds were forwarded to CKDU, 
Halifaxs best (and only) Community radio station, in support of their 
funding Drive (like Jehu?)

Brendan from the Crypt.