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Re: the new hardship post +

On Fri, 9 Feb 1996, James R. Covey wrote:
> they are steadfastly refusing to do all
> three of these things.  so are they
> brave?  arrogant?  courageous?  misguided?
> brilliant?  stupid?  out of touch?  
> original?  rock and roll rebels?
> if they haven't already, they are going
> to alienate droves of former fans.  
> on the other hand, they might win a lot
> of new ones.

weren't people saying this back in the springtime when they came out with 
_somebody spoke_, their debut album which did not sound like their 
previous efforts? :) they are hard to categorize, cause everytime you 
think you know them, poof, they are something completely different. i 
kinda respect them for that. it kinda makes me laugh.

also, as for the crowd reaction, i would consider waiting til they get a 
few shows under their belt before trying to gage it accurately, 
especially if the band got on that late on a "school night". it doesn't 
matter who is on stage, at 2:30 am you just want to be in bed. :) 

as to what they are, well, here's some comments from the boys themselves 
from back in july (before alyson, after matt). maybe it will shed a 
little light on the situation or confuse things even more. :)

Mike Pick - Our fans have kind of a love hate relationship with us, 
actually. It's kind of strange. It's hard to love Hardship Post.

Sebastian Lippa - Some fans love us, other fans want to love us and just 
can't, other fans just say...

MP - It's kind of tough love.

SL- There's a lot of reasons why our fans end up hating us. You know, now 
that we're just two people and we're like passing ourselves off as 
Hardship Post although its just two people, that offends a lot of our fans.

MP - I'm hoping there's a lot of good things about it, too, that people 
like, you know, so it's a two sided thing.

SL - We're hoping to bolster the adventurous faction in our fan base. You 
know, the fans who welcome changes, and like to see the bands that they 
like trying new things, and having fun. If you're into that, we can provide.

Elizabeth Chorney - Well, because I'd definitely say that your sound has 
changed somewhat, was that conscious, or is that just how the band has 

SL - Yeah, it just kind of happens, naturally.

MP - Yeah, there are things that we want to achieve, so we aim for those 
and other things get thrown by the wayside as a result.

EC - So the response from your listening public has been?

SL - Well, for example, last night we were in Saskatoon, and someone 
would come up to us and say "You know that SUCKED!! I liked you guys and 
you really let me down..." and then ten minutes later some guy would come 
up to me and say "That was the best thing I've seen since the Rheostatics 
last year."

MP - Lofty praise.

EC - But you're just happy doing what you like, so does it affect you 
when people say that?

SL - It is kinda sad when some people come and they're disappointed 
'cause we don't want to disappoint anybody, and I can understand when 
some people come to the show and they were expecting something and what 
they were expecting just doesn't materialize in the least. But we're kind 
of proving that this is what we're about. And if that bothers you then...

EC - Tough beans?

SL - Well, not tough beans, but you might have to rethink your attitude 
towards us, I guess.

TLW (that'd be me) - You just don't want to have anything to do with your 
older music, or is it just not a worthwhile venture?

MP - I don't think it's relevant to what we're doing now. It's kinda in 
the past.

SL - We're not proud of it, you know. It's something that for curious 
people it's easy enough to find, but you know, when you put something up 
for sale, you make it like you're saying you want people to buy it, and 
when you don't want people to buy it, then you shouldn't make it. And 
that's how we feel about that stuff. We recorded it like when we were 18 
years old or whatever, and it's just not very good.

TLW - In your live shows, too, you're doing totally different 
interpretations of the songs on the album. Are you happy with the way 
you're doing them? Are you bored with how the album is?

SL - No, the new interpretations were born out of necessity, from the 
lack of bass. (*note- mike on drums, seb on guitar at that show)

MP - I don't like lack of bass, I like omission of bass. It's a better 
way to say it. I don't think that anything is missing, it's just not there.

(they argue over semantics for a while)

TLW - Why don't you particularly like you old _Mood Ring_ and stuff, do 
you still like _hack_?

SL - No.

TLW - And that's pretty well why you don't like to play your old songs? 
You're just not proud of it?

SL - Right. It's *not* because we're being jerks.

TLW - Well, that's pretty well the rumour - no that's a joke. Well, I 
don't know you guys in real life, but I know some people are saying 
`yeah, they think they're so cool, they won't play their old stuff.' But 
it's cool if that's why.

SL - It's alright to have that kind of mystique.


so, while they are talking about their old albums in this interview, 
perhaps it is reflective of their attitude towards their old stage 
presence, too. hard to say without being them. :)

[this all came from Elizabeth's excellent zine called "Hello Kitty's all 
star pyjama party" issue number two, which you can order for a small 
amount of money. she is at

chorneyc\!/cadvision.com  and she's too darn shy to say hi on sloan net, 
silly girl. she has stuff on super friendz and cub and sloan and stuff 
and it's truly good n' punk in the stick it to the man kinda way.] 

> you gotta wonder what sub pop thinks
> about all this.  do they have an option
> to drop them if they're not satisfied
> with what they're doing?  would they?
> what happens when a band scraps just
> about *everything* they're doing and
> starts from ground zero?  are they
> the same, um, product?

james, have you considered a career as an A & R guy? ;) ;)
(just teasing, i love you, you know)

will the subpop women respond to these questions? will the hardship post 
respond to these reactions? will donna and david ever get back together? 
these are the days of sloan net.*


*thanks james martin.