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all my hardship poster children.

tara wrote:

>weren't people saying this back in the springtime when they came out with 
>_somebody spoke_, their debut album which did not sound like their 
>previous efforts? :) they are hard to categorize, cause everytime you 
>think you know them, poof, they are something completely different. i 
>kinda respect them for that. it kinda makes me laugh.

yeah, well, it makes other people laugh, too, but not
necessarily for the same reasons...

and as for "hard to categorize" -- well, the entire output over
the band's history is impossible to slot in a single category.
which means dick all, if you ask me.  it might be better to
ask what's happening at a given moment with the band.  because
if with each "poof", if they are doing something interesting,
that's one thing...  and it's too early to say whether this
stage will work out.

>also, as for the crowd reaction, i would consider waiting til they get a 
>few shows under their belt before trying to gage it accurately, 

you, mean, wait until i've seen another show before i gauge
the crowd reaction to this one?  or to put it another way -- huh?

>especially if the band got on that late on a "school night". it doesn't 
>matter who is on stage, at 2:30 am you just want to be in bed. :) 

actually, it was from 11pm til 2am that i wanted to be home in bed.
at 2:30 i was perfectly content to be watching the band.  :-)

>james, have you considered a career as an A & R guy? ;) ;)

well, if i was an a&r guy, i'd sign them, 'cause i love them.
which probably means i'd make a lousy a&r guy.  :-)


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