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Re: okay...pei...prepare yourselves...

I'm not sure who they're playing with but I don't think it's going to be to
crowded.  Because tonight is the night to go to the NoCases.  Orange Glass,
The Monoxides, Plumtree, Sanisoft, Strawberry and 4 more.  They're going to
have tough competition.  I'm think even less poeple than there were last
night, maybe 25 at the most.  The Barn is definitely the place to be
tomorrow :)  Nothing against Potatobug, though 

Can't wait til tonight :)

>Just a reminder that i think Potatobug are playing tonight - i'm not sure 
>who they're playing with - but you've gotta check them out, they rawk, 
>seriously.  I've been getting the idea that they haven't been to excited 
>about going... but who knows... they're gonna play a good set... and 
>you're gonna love 'em... ok?
>i've got my fingers crossed...
>ps...oops, it's an ECMA showcase by the way, i forgot to mention that... hehe
>also, if anyone knows more about this - Karma??? - feel free to update my