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Re: _twice removed_ on sale! :)

On Thu, 8 Feb 1996, Joel Healy wrote:
> Sloan net content:
> Anyone in the Hamilton area or those who live near Oakville town centre II 
> who has a beat-up copy of "Twice Removed" (like me... some songs are 
> pretty scratched up) might like to know that HMV is selling the album for 
> $9.96 if you want to pick up a new copy.  The deal is only on until 
> February 26, so run! :)

It's not only on sale at HMV for $9.96 but it is also on sale for about 
the same price at Music World. And it should be available at most of the 
HMV or Music world stores in Southern Ontario not just in Hamilton and 

Mike (I've got the vinyl version and I shall cherish it forever)