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Mark's ECMA Adventures: Part 1

The ECMA's are finally here and one islander is extremely happy :):):):):):):):)

Tonight me and a couple of friends went to the all ages showcase at the
MacKenzie Theatre featuring Supercar, Six Too and Orange Glass.  It was a
wonderful time.  The showcase wasn't very packed there were maybe 50 kids
there and as many adults and other ECMA people.  There was no moshing (I
really didn't care, but my friends were a bit disappointed) but that didn't
stop anyone from enjoying the show.

Supercar let off the show.  "These boys from right here in Charlottetown
play high energy rock/punk".  Supercar's heavier sound isn't what my musical
tastes have been leaning to as of late but they seriously rocked hard :)
They played a good half hour's worth off great punk songs with some amazing
lead-guitar work by Brodie.  I only wished moshing was allowed because this
high energy stuff isn't really best listened to sitting down :(  As Andrew
said to our table (front row center)  "You kids can get up and dance who
cares what they say" :)  Funnier moments happened when Andrew broke his G
string twice (hey, maybe he can borrow Chandler's :)  and when he dropped a
pick mid song and didn't even attempt to play the rest (this would lead to a
fun night of pick-dropping).  Also Andrew seemed to relish in giving the CBC
cameraman who was stalking him a hard time, ie putting his butt in the
camera, kissing it, giving it stange looks, avoiding it purposefully, etc.
Their set ended quickly but their legions of devoted fans were contented :)

Next up was Six Too.  I was anxiously awaiting this act I had barely heard
mentioned on Sloan Net.  A guy in a courduroy hat and dorky clothes
sauntered out and sat down on a chair.  I was confused, where was the band.
Suddenly he began making rap noises.  And after the introduction, I knew.
HE WAS A RAPPER.  And he cleared the room.  We listened to one song and then
we left.  I kind of wanted to give him more of a chance but we mutually
agreed to go for a smoke break.  MAn, we made fun of Six Too.  "I'm a fake
ass rapper" :)  

After a short nicotine break we went to do what seemed to be the most
popular activity during Six Too's set.  Harassing Supercar!  They really are
great guys and I talked a lot with them.  Especially about the ECMA's.  Me
and the drummer (I forget his name) were having arguments over whether the
No Cases were All ages and what bands were playing.  He said Superfriendz
are playing Friday, i told him I don't think so but he wasn't convinced :)
Melissa please say it's so :)  I really did feel sorry for Six Too after his
set he walked through the room where Supercar were being mobbed by fans
"Hey, you guys are like rock stars :)" and I wanted to call out to him but I

Anyway we ran up to not miss a second of Orange Glass' set.  MMMMMMMMMM was
it good.  It makes Mark wish he had a record player.  Anyway their Eric's
Youthy sound was totally loved by yours truly.  They played a super set
punctuated by Ron's wild solos.  Man was that feedback cool :)  This set was
also highlighted by several pick dropping incidents. During on of their
earlier songs he dropped his pick only to have it picked up by the guy
sitting next to me.  He stopped his guitar playing to fish out another one.
At the end of the song the guy asked him "Ron, want your pick back".  "Yes
please that's my lucky one.  Here you can have this one." Ron throws pick to
guy.  Tara jumps in with story about that pick, which happens to be a
Supersuckers one that Ed (Vaughn?) gave to him.  But later Ron lost that
pick.  He continued to strun his guitar erratically while he frantically
searched for his pick.  Ron couldn't find it!  So at the end of the song he
meekly asked for it back.  I do hope the guy got something in return :)
Maybe one og the precious stickers :) Anyway Orange Glass' Amazing I mean
totally amazing, I loved it, just can't describe it, set ended suddenly way
too soon :(  Anyway we hung around looking for one of the elusive stickers,
we went downstairs and talked to the drummer who reutrned with one sticker
and a message to go upstairs and ask for more from Ron or Tara.  So we went
upstairs where he were lucky to a few stickers.  I struck up a conversation
with Tara (Ron was being mobbed, parhaps it's cause he had the singles and
t-shirts.  I asked here if Rick was coming.  "No, Lazy Rick is staying home
in Moncton" Mark was sad.  But she showed me her case that once belonged to
Rick :)  We chatted for a while, I complemented her on their show.  She
complemented me on my Erics Trip shirt. "Ohhhh, the angel one.  Where'd you
get that?  Subpop?  Mark would love that, he loves the old shirts"  Anyway
she was really nice and she signed my sticker "To the cute boy from PEI love
Tara" which know lays proudly on my guitar.  Anyway I meant to ask her if
they have any tapes because I'm lame and don't have a record player :(  So
do they?  Anyway Orange Glass ruled :) Can't wait to see them again tomorrow :)

The show was amazing, only one complaint: Crappy Sound, you could not hear
any vocals at all.  Ron wasn't that drowned out, Andrew was worse and Tara
you couldn't hear her backing vocals at all and the song she sang you
couldn't hear it at all :( I'm sure it was beautiful.  Note to any promoters
promoting shows during the ECMA's (wink wink melissa) MAKE SURE THE VOCALS

Anyway I've typed enough :)

For once PEI rules :)