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Re: Mark's ECMA Adventures: Part 1

Six Too = Fake white rapper???, six too drops some good rhymes and dope 
beats.. Maybe you should check out his Ant Records releases "Superstar 
Props" and "the Four Elements".. they are great, if you like hip hop.. 
but as far as things go.. Six Too is very much real and would be pillin 
caps if he caught someone waggin their tongue about him being a fake MC.. 
Apparently him and Rich don't like "wack mcs" all that much.. you should 
have given him more of a chance, his shows are cool. Anyone else here 
like/dislike SixToo?? Turn it up.. Bring the noise!!
Sucka MCs must be eliminated,
Stinkin' Brendan.
PS, this _does_ count as East Coast, so get off my tip.