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Re: canadian artists goin global

}I disagree, see how easy it is to get stuck in this bs frame of mind? 

I was not in a bs frame of mind.  I reread my last post and 
everything I said was serious argument.  I thought this was a 

}i'm stating the obvious and i think that the emphasis should be 
}taken off te US and directed more towards inner business.

OK, I failed to fully address this point.  You're right, the 
emphasis should be on inner business.  But given Canada's reliance 
on the US media, I think the best way to sell yourself in Canada is 
still to sell yourself outside Canada.  Maybe it shouldn't be that 
way, but I think that's difficult to surmount.  Opinions?

}you're all real nice.

Yes, we are.  Why do people have to take debates personally?  I'm 
not calling anyone stupid or anything (I may have used the word lame 
once or twice in my life, but not stupid :)

"I've known sheep that could outwit you, I've worn dresses with 
higher IQ's"--Wanda Gershwitz

Chris have Murphy on our souls,