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treble charger sells out, _twice removed_ on sale! :)

non-sloan net content:

Toronto's treble charger has signed a worldwide deal with RCA records and 
with the BMG label in Canada.  RCA will be re-releasing "Self=Title".  
I know there is lots of treble charger fans on here, so this is *kind of* 
Sloannet content.. treble charger are east-coasters in spirit for sure. :)

Also, for those who are interested, Tristan Psionic is going into the studio 
this month to record their new album.

Sloan net content:

Anyone in the Hamilton area or those who live near Oakville town centre II 
who has a beat-up copy of "Twice Removed" (like me... some songs are 
pretty scratched up) might like to know that HMV is selling the album for 
$9.96 if you want to pick up a new copy.  The deal is only on until 
February 26, so run! :)


P.S.  No, Treble Charger ARE NOT gay! ;)