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Re: real live east coast content...

On Thu, 8 Feb 1996, Cory J. Boehm wrote:

> 3) when does teh new orange glass 7" come out?

well, i was talking to tara a few weeks back, and i guess they had their 
7" release party on feb. 3rd at the esquire in moncton. she said they 
were *supposed* to have them by then, but i don't know if they got them 
or not. i'm sure it's safe to assume that they'll be around very soon:)

> 4) does anyone have any new info on the Broken Girl/Moonsocket 7" on Eek?

not me....i know i'd sure like one though.....anyone else know???

> lastly:
> why can't I find Sloan's Shaken by Speed album anywhere ;)

well, you see, they pulled the album because the sleeve had a picture of 
chris murphy in a fish-woman dress, had a dog's genitals on the 
cover.....not to mention all those broken baby doll parts all over it;););) 

i think brendan may have gotten one though.....and he's one lucky bastard, 
because one of these days when it's reissued, and people realise they 
have a "pasted over" version, they'll never be able to steam the album 
cover off to look as good as his! brendan....man....hold on to that 
album! you've got a mini fortune on your hands there!!! ;)