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Re: narduwar.

On Wed, 7 Feb 1996, James Rocchi wrote:

>         Narduwar.....Let's put it this way; as long as there are people
> like Narduwar,All members of Campus Media will be treated like idiots,

Speaking as a student journalist on the same campus as Nardwuar I have to 
say here that I think he is generally considered to be an entity onto his 
own and not a shining example of what "all members of campus media" are 
like. If i'm treated like an idiot, I'm pretty sure that it could be for a 
variety of reasons totally unrelated to Nardwuar...;))

> Robbins. I interviewed him for print once and found him as abrasive as a
> can of ajax and twice as dumb- and offensive morally as well. ( A book

I've interviewed him for print as well and found him to be cooperative 
and entertaining to speak to...overall a nice guy, granted maybe a bit 
You have to admire his pinache for getting interviews at least. Besides, 
how can you dislike a guy who got beat up and then got his toque stolen 
by Skid Row? :)