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Re: narduwar.

James might be overstating the case a bit here...I don't think Narduwuar 
is really solely to blame for the bush league image of campus community 
radio (which is not always an entirely bad thing) or for infantilized pop 
culture...both of these things bug me too, but Narduwuar is certainly not 
the worst offender. In fact, he has done some pretty cool stuff. The 
compilation albums take off where the Og records "It came from Canada" 
series left off, supporting the garage band scene that, like it or not, 
will never die just multiply. As far as his gonzo interviews, some of 
them are funny, some are embarrassing. I don't think they really have 
much effect on other journalists or campus/community radio types, except 
to make artists relieved that you're not like Narduwuar when you 
interview them. Anyway, he's been 
hard-working/arrogant/sly/lucky/self-promoting enough to get himself into 
a good position. I'mnot going to begrudge him his success...
I do find him irritating...but isn't that the point?