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Re: narduwar.

hey james lighten up, man. :)

speaking as one of them campus / indie media types...(wow, i am so cool),
nardwuar is a heckuvalot more entertaining than being stuck reading 
article after article of self-important, self-referential, ego-boosting,
resume-padding, indie-point-getting, high brow type stuff that takes 
itself and its subject matter too seriously. which makes up FAR too 
much of the press in the various campus / indie publications in this 

questions about pants - good in my books. but then again, i am crazy.

hey, everyone, did you know mike catano's favorite pants are VINYL? and 
jay ferguson's are the wine coloured cords he bought for 25 cents? and 
pete campbell's are UNDERpants? it's true.

> indiechildren who can pat eachother on the back with one hand and staple
> their inane and irrelevant 'zines with the other.  His real name is John

inane and irrelevant? which zines are YOU reading anyway?? most of the 
zines i read are FUN FUN FUN and do not take themselves that seriously. 
most of the music/entertainment magazines i read...well, i usually don't 
finish reading them. 

> can of ajax and twice as dumb- and offensive morally as well. ( A book

what is morally offensive about stickin' it to the man?


go nardwuar go!!!! :)


ps/ i happen to love idiots. :) especially those idiots which fall into 
the category of "stupid".