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Re: canadian artists goin global

I said Carmela, not CARAMEL Perez wrote:
> I saw Benmergui (sp?) Live (or whatever it's called) on CBC Newsworld 
> yesterday and he was generally discussing the same thing.  Ashley 
> MacIsaac was on it talking about how he got "better" (?) exposure in 
> Canada AFTER he played in NY a few times. 
> when Canadians are over-Americanized in terms of everything???

Hmm, well.. my (probably dumb) take on this, is that when a band has 
played in a big city (like NY) people would probably think "Hey, they 
must not be too bad if they played there".. Like it makes people want to 
give them a chance, and see what the "fuss" is.. If, for example, Sloan 
_didn't_ get their deal, _didn't_ tour, _didn't_ do TV shows, and just 
played it cool and did little shows here and stuff, people from Toronto 
would just be like "Who the hell is that!?, we got fuckin Treble Charger" 
You know, fame attracts fame. I wonder if it is better to just play it 
play it cool and stay small, or get large.. opinions??
Large and in charger,