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Re: canadian artists goin global

At 5:10 PM 2/7/96, Claire Rillie wrote:
> okay...well here's my take.  If international sale is the "ticket" so to
>speak, it CAN  be changed.  If we all became consciencious consumers we
>could control the monster we call the declining canadian economy.  We
>just need to buy more canadian stuff, support those who support Canadian
>art - and the industry will flourish - see?
> Well, ok, it's not that simple.  Thinking in unison is something us
>canadians find quite hard!  But truely we need to be better  buyers and
>think  of our own country before anything else.
> and stop buying shitty bootlegs!
> we can make ourselves seen if we try hard enough and as corny as it
>sounds - if we do it together!

Sorry but we're not talking about buying cars.  It seems to me the natural
inclination of any artist is to expose their art to as many people as
possible.  The US is a BIG market.  More and more, I go into record stores
in NYC and see lots of CanCon. People here buy it because it's GOOD and not
because it's Canadian.    The idea you present above is exactly the kind of
thinking that margionalizes Canadian music, literature, film etc within
Canada (ie that its a charity or something.)

It's important to think about Canadian culture, but also accept that we do
have a shared  North American culture in which Canadian talent should be a

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