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Reviews, 5 record mix, Nardwuar, etc...

Eric's Trip _Purple Blue_
I guess what made the band so much a part of my life, and so intensely 
special to me was the warmness of their sound, the feeling you had of 
beeing a part of something bigger, something cozy and personal, something 
that had feeling.  Rick and Julie whispering, the sound of birds chirping 
in the background, wonderful guitar fuzz, beautiful harmonies, and, well, 
you know what I'm talking about.  Obviously, Purple Blue is at a 
distance, it was recorded on the big multi track, the organic bits of
sound are gone, instead of helping you to a different emotional space, 
this album is just a collection of songs.  I think it was Chris who 
talked about Eric's Trip being about punk rock and magic, and they seem 
to have lost both elements on this record, it's just not the same 
feeling anymore.  That being said, there are some pretty good tracks on 
this record, and I like it for what it is, but in a few years, I'll be 
listening to Love Tara, Peter, Songs about Chris, Gordon St., etc..

Moonsocket _Socket to me_

Hey, I like this, starts off a bit slow, but is good.

Nardwuar: The funniest man in Canada, who cares what A & R people think 
about him and/or campus radio in general.

The new Mojave 3 (4AD) is real good yah, Red House Painters + Cowboy 
Junkies + Mazzy Star.  Have a listen.

'Cosmonauts flying, cosmonauts dying' -Palace
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