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i can't take it anymore!!!

sloan net has been really sucking most of the
time for weeks now.  i was going to rant about
it a couple of weeks ago, then things looked
like they were getting better, then i logged
in this morning to find 40 messages with about
5 of them about east coast music...

listen, people are signing off this net in
droves, and i personally don't blame them.

maybe when sloan net has already generated
20 posts in a single day you could think twice
about introducing and continuing all those
tangential topics...  they *can* be interesting
but, geez...

i want to apologize to the people who want to
unsub and haven't been unsubbed yet.  i'll
try to get all that done by the end of the

i'm not totally against having debates on
sloan net, it helps to balance all the more
dry information that flows here but *please*
*think* before you post!

*over*whelmed listmanagerboy

p.s. if anyone even *thinks* of starting
     a debate about nardwuar's sexual preferences
     i'm gettin' my gun and i swear it's not
     gonna be pretty...

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