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Re: narduwar.

I'll admit that I felt the same way about Nardwuar for a long time. I 
thought he was annoying and his interviews were just lame excuses to try 
and look cool. But over the past year I've realized that he has an 
irreverent sense of humour and I guess I finally caught on. I didn't like 
his interview with Beck but his interview with Timothy Leary is classic. 
He asked something like "So, do the guys with drugs get all the chicks?" 
and TL answered with this kinda lame "Maaan, did you just use the word 
chick? Maaan, you're stuck in the sixties...etc. etc."
Well, okay so it wasn't the direct quote but I can't remember exactly 
what he said. Part of the interview is on Teenage Zit Rawk Angst or 
whatever it's called. 
Also, Nardwuar knows a lot about the Vancouver music scene. Even bands 
you know he wouldn't like. I talked to him one day when I visited CITR. 
He seems very neurotic and like he's had too much sugar but other than 
that he's a really nice guy. He told me about every single band that Carl 
Newman had been in before Zumpano. And that's a lot to know!
Anyway, I'm babbling. Quel Surprise.

						Cheers, Lisa :-)

On Wed, 7 Feb 1996, James Rocchi wrote:

>         Narduwar.....Let's put it this way; as long as there are people
> like Narduwar,All members of Campus Media will be treated like idiots,
> because the existence of Narduwar means that a prominent idiot poisons the
> waters for all.  A Self obsessed One-Trick Pony, he loves getting thrown
> out of events like  Clinton/Yeltsin or a speech by Gorbachev for asking
> such pertinent questions as "What World leader you've met has the biggest
> pants ?" I hate Narduwar for the same reasons I hate bands in T-Ball shirts
> and plastic barettes; Pop Culture is NOT by and for children, but
> acting/living/creating in a childish fashion means that it is removed from
> the realm of "Adult" concern..and therefore cannott affect that realm.
> Conduct/behaviour like that essentially takes our tastes and gets them
> relegated to the card table in the basement away from where all the big
> people eat- Keeping good art off the shelves, screens, and pages where it
> can be seen by more people than just the standard, smug, inside-the-beltway
> indiechildren who can pat eachother on the back with one hand and staple
> their inane and irrelevant 'zines with the other.  His real name is John
> Ruskin, He's Programme Director at CITR Vancouver,He's put out some
> 7-inches and 12 inches of some okay bands ("Teenage Snookum Powered Zit
> Rawk Angst"; "Clam Chowder and Mounties vs. Big Macs and Bombers") and a
> video where he offends/annoys everyone from Sonic Youth to Anthony
> Robbins. I interviewed him for print once and found him as abrasive as a
> can of ajax and twice as dumb- and offensive morally as well. ( A book
> author had given him, for free, a crate of his book on Neil Young...and he
> was selling them for Gas Money. )
>         I hate to rain on your parade,
>         This is just one person's opinion,
>         (But I'm Right, he said smilingly,)
>         "Against the Grain",
>         James Rocchi