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PlumtreeAndBrokenGirlTourDates ......


    What's happening ? Here are some dates I thought some of you 
may enjoy seeing:

22      windsor        the loop
23      london          embassy
24      toronto         rivoli (19+ evening -> rumour of the possibility of
an afternoon all ages show)
25      hamilton        x-club
26      t.b.a (possibly off)
27      Guelph           van gogh's ear
28      peterborough the jolly hangmen
29      kitchener        the volcano

1       ottawa          the pit
2       montreal        comic book fair at a gallery who's name i can't recall
3       cornwall        plum tree only / Art Gallery

for further info contact murder at murder\!/ra.isisnet.com
Broken Girl does not yet have internet access. props to fc for typing 
duties :)


Murderecords Box 2372 Halifax Central Halifax N.S. 
B3J 3E4 Canada. e-mail: murder\!/ra.isisnet.com