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Re: canadian artists goin global

Why would it make that much of a difference if Canadian artists made it 
big internationally?  I mean, it takes the rest of "us" (as in the 
national sense) enough time to recognize bands from our own country.  I 
guess what I'm saying is it's easier for "Canadian bands" to make it 
outside Canada than it is for them to make it here.  Whatever "making it" 
means in the first place.

I saw Benmergui (sp?) Live (or whatever it's called) on CBC Newsworld 
yesterday and he was generally discussing the same thing.  Ashley 
MacIsaac was on it talking about how he got "better" (?) exposure in 
Canada AFTER he played in NY a few times. 

I don't know if I agree or disagree.  But I do think that, for the most 
part, our arms are wider open (?) to bands that come from across the 
border than for the bands that come the different provinces in this 
country.  Not through any fault of our own, I guess.  What do you expect 
when Canadians are over-Americanized in terms of everything???

Penny for your thoughts...