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RE: gay was Coax Me

On Tue, 6 Feb 1996, Ryan Cook wrote:

> Also im going to Halifax this
> weekend and I was wondering if the R.O.W on Spring Garden Road is still in
> buisiness?

I was there about 2weeks ago and it was pretty dead, if it is open there 
not much left.

As far as Chris being gay, hes not.  He's bi :)  
Remember that catherine and him are an item
and a laura and many other ladies are broken hearted 
because of him.

back in the day....
march '92  i belive there was an 
article, a review of a vermont sloan show
which had (pharaphrased by me)

"Raging rumors that PAT is gay are summed up
when he an CHRIS have live sex on stage.  
We come over all misty. That's our boys."

so there you have it, in was in print! Documented.

besides, how else to you think Chris can sing that falsetto,
he needs Pat to coax :p him along.


P.S.  Chris is on of the best kissers, close to Ashley. 

P.P.S.   Per, I try to get to the store ASAP, definitly by friday!

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