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Re: narduwar.

On Wed, 7 Feb 1996, James Rocchi wrote:

>         Narduwar.....Let's put it this way; as long as there are people
> like Narduwar,All members of Campus Media will be treated like idiots,
> because the existence of Narduwar means that a prominent idiot poisons the
> waters for all.  A Self obsessed One-Trick Pony, he loves getting thrown
> out of events like  Clinton/Yeltsin or a speech by Gorbachev for asking
> such pertinent questions as "What World leader you've met has the biggest
> pants ?" I hate Narduwar for the same reasons I hate bands in T-Ball shirts

i think it's important to remember that it's people like nardwuar that 
make campus radio and "indie" culture a little more than a breeding ground, 
it's about doing something a little different and maybe a little 
abrasive, but doing something that lots of people wouldn't dare do for 
one reason or another.   THings that strectch the boundries of what could 
and should be.

> their inane and irrelevant 'zines with the other.  His real name is John
> Ruskin, He's Programme Director at CITR Vancouver,He's put out some

just a correction -- he's the volunteer co-ordinator, not programming

>         This is just one person's opinion,
>         (But I'm Right, he said smilingly,)
>         "Against the Grain",

and that's one person's opinion too ;) (don't take it seriously, i just 
couldn't resist:)