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Re: narduwar.

>        Narduwar.....Let's put it this way; as long as there are people
>like Narduwar,All members of Campus Media will be treated like idiots,
>because the existence of Narduwar means that a prominent idiot poisons the
>waters for all.  A Self obsessed One-Trick Pony, he loves getting thrown
>out of events like  Clinton/Yeltsin or a speech by Gorbachev for asking
>such pertinent questions as "What World leader you've met has the biggest
>pants ?" 

Did it ever occur to you that Nardwuar may ask the questions that he asks
because that the thing he wants to know?? I mean, if he has a press pass,
then he has just as much right to be at a press conference or whatever as
anyone, and if the questions he wants to ask of Gorbachev is "who has the
largest pants?" then shouldn't be able to ask it.

I thought that campus/community radio was about providing a voice to the
voiceless and an alternative to radio programming in a given market.  I
would have to say that Nardwuar does that.  

>their inane and irrelevant 'zines with the other.  His real name is John
>Ruskin, He's Programme Director at CITR Vancouver,He's put out some

isn't he actually the volunteer/training co-ordinator?

>7-inches and 12 inches of some okay bands ("Teenage Snookum Powered Zit
>Rawk Angst"; "Clam Chowder and Mounties vs. Big Macs and Bombers") and a

Hmmm...aren't they called "Skookum Chief Powered Teenage Zit Rock Angst" and
"Clam Chowder & Ice Vs. Big Mac's & Bombers"...what about "Oh God, My Mom's
on Channel 10!"?

Don't forget that he also in the Evaporators and Thee Goblins.  

>video where he offends/annoys everyone from Sonic Youth to Anthony
>Robbins. I interviewed him for print once and found him as abrasive as a
>can of ajax and twice as dumb- and offensive morally as well. ( A book
>author had given him, for free, a crate of his book on Neil Young...and he
>was selling them for Gas Money. )

Hmmm...I found the video to be really hilarious and when I met Nardwuar I
thought he was very sweet and friendly, nothing like the person you have
>        I hate to rain on your parade,
>        This is just one person's opinion,

Well this is my two cents :)