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Weeping Tile

 H'lo guys:) Saw weeping Tile last night, whatta show. It was in conjunction
with a banquet to free east Timor , and so the opening band wasn't really a
band, it was two guys singing in different languages with a buncha different
instruments and a guitar. I didn't like that part too much,  but they had
good voices. 
Weeping Tile were awesome, with new versions of a few songs, like in the
road and dogs and thunder. The songs were amazing, and we were dancing our
butts off, despite the fact that most people that were there for the dinner
stayed sittting down and there were about 20 other  people there, besides
the dinner people who by the end had filtered out,  and about ten of us were
dancing.  They kept fiddling with the lighting because they could, and what
I thought were the best parts of the evening:
1. the piniata at the begining cause it was funny to watch people swing at
it and get hit by it.
2. the fact that the drummer was the one who looked to the crowd and smiled
at us the most. Usually you can't see the drummer.

I noticed that  the two guitar players and the base player watched their
hands as they played, or sang looked at the ceiling,but not much the crowd.
It was all good, tho, and was kewl cause Lisa  was there:)