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Les Amis du those gay guys


re: les amis du sloan tapes.

thanks everyone for being so patient with tara and i, we really 
appreciate it. i guess this is getting weird, what with exclaim magazine 
talking about it (ok, who squealed?? this was supposed to be our lil 
secret... ;)  ) and sebadoh list getting all in a tizzy... :)  anyway, 
things were supposed to be wrapped up right around christmas, but due to 
matters of a personal nature, they got postponed. if you really want to 
know what happened, email me, i don't feel like sharing my personal woes 
with the whole list. :)  anyway, things are back on track and if all goes 
as planned, the tapes should be ready to be mailed, yes you heard me 
right, within the next two weeks. keep yer durn fingers crossed, ok? 
tara's been working on a little zine to go along with them, but that may 
take a bit longer. but anyway. it may have been a blessing in disguise in 
a way, the whole thing getting postponed, because in the last month, 
someone really freakin cool decided to add a track to our long list of 
contributors and if the tapes had been done at christmas, he never would 
have been on it. so hooray! you'll all see later on, so don't even think 
of emailing me asking who this person is. :)

and for those who don't already know, lou barlow doesn't really sing an 
entire sloan song, he just butchers a section of underwhelmed, so there. 
sheesh. :)

if any of you know people reading exclaim who think the tapes are out, 
tell them they aren't but will be shortly, if things don't get fucked up 

thanks a million for waiting, they really will be worth it. thanks for 
contributing, too.

sorry for the length, especially if you could care less about the sloan 
tribute tapes. if you don't know what i'm talking about, email me or tara 
da costa (bi629\!/freenet.carleton.ca) and we'll learn ya.


ps/ roderick is my gay side. :)