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Re: Doubt it...

On Mon, 5 Feb 1996, Brendan Ryan wrote:

> > I really doubt that Sloan is gay......I had the chance to meet them 
> > in TO and they didn't really seem that " GAY " .Pretty nice guys 
> > actually.....
> Well I dunno or not, cause the dope on the street is that the word sloan 
> is some homosexual twist on the word Shlong, and I have a picture that 
> clearly depicts Chris kissing Jay, no tongue, but it counts. But it 
> really makes no difference either way, they came, they rocked, they left. 
> Uhh, pardon my english. (icks nay on the ong-shlay)
> Yngwie Bren-steen.

anyone remember that time chris came on stage wearing only a diaper with 
a great big safety pin and all he did throught the whole set was scream: 
"i'm a bad little boy!  spank me, mommy!"?  that was fuckin' art, 
especially when patrick slapped on one of those daddy-nursie faux boob 
strap milkin' sacks and proceeded to feed little chris the creamy meal of 
his life?


ps - pants shitter and proud