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Re: canadian artists goin global

On Tue, 6 Feb 1996, Jeff MacGregor wrote:

> hey,
> there was an article in the local paper here in cornwall ont. about new
> canadian artists hittin it big globally.  in the article, they talked about
> eric's trip, hardship post, jale, treble charger and hayden as bands who are
> receiving some nice global exposure thanks to their big name american record
> labels.  i didn't realized that these bands were getting so big
> internationally...

yes, well, from my, european, point of view the sub pop bands *have* got 
some media exposure. jale took the uk by storm a few years back (did some 
touring and even played the reading festival). hardship post was given a 
lot of press by both melody maker and nme early last fall, but well, as 
the band made some changes they never got the chance to come over to tour 
and whatever. eric's trip are well known among the sebadoh/archers/"lo-fi" 
fans. they toured the uk around _love tara_ but apparently the money they 
made was stolen so it was like they would never be able to afford to come 
back. which really sucks if you ask me. 

about treble charger and hayden i haven't heard anything about them. i was 
told that treble charger (or sonic unyon more like it) were going to make 
their releases available here, but i am not sure if they are still going 
for it. and i have no idea how they would do. the uk is probably too much 
brit pop for majority of the unyon bands, but maybe on the continent 
(germany maybe?) those harder rocking bands (like shallow) would fit in 
better. i don't know. the band with the best chance to get some exposure 
by mm nme would probably be treble charger though, but maybe they sound a 
little bit too much boo radleys around '91 or something..


ps.	hmm, now i remember reading something in nme/mm on the inbreds when 
	they came over with buffalo tom a couple of months back. they 
	reviewed a new cd ep and i believe they got a good review.. i don't
	know which song from kombinator was on it though, either #3 or #4..